STI - Aperio



In 2009 STI proudly announced the Apeiro model and shooters worldwide eagerly began using them to dominate competitions. Integrating 2011® technology with classic 1911 design, the STI Apeiro double stack is a high capacity pistol that carries John Browning’s design into the 21st Century.

Utilizing the legendary Schuemann “Island” barrel and built on STI’s 2011® modular steel frame with polymer grip, the Apeiro delivers the traditional features of a 1911 and allows the added benefit of high capacity magazines. The innovative frame design preserves the 17° angle of the grip in relation to the slide, original to the 1911. The essential design element for high capacity, the polymer grip, allows for double stack magazines without over-sizing the circumference of the grip, which remains comparatively the same as the circumference of a 1911. The Apeiro 2011® couples STI’s receiver with all the most desirable accessories in a factory firearm to produce a pistol that is as beautiful as it is reliable. The controls are STI International’s stainless steel ambidextrous thumb safeties and knuckle relief high-rise beavertail grip safety. The full length stainless steel bar stock slide features STI’s unique sabertooth rear cocking serrations and is cut to match the Schuemann barrel. The barrel is a 5.0″ fully ramped, fully supported “island” bull barrel, with the sight milled in to allow faster recovery to point of aim.

This pistol comes standard with an STI square hammer, patented STI trigger system, STI S-7 sear, and titanium strut for smooth, reliable function. The Apeiro 2011® has custom engravings on the polished sides of the (blued) stainless steel slide, stainless steel magwell, STI adjustable rear sight, Dawson fiber optic front sight, and a blued frame.

The Apeiro ships with one 126mm magazine.



Calibers .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9×19
Frame STI Modular Steel 2011® (Long Wide)
Grips STI 2011® Glass Filled Polymer Modular (Black) with STI Stainless Magwell
Slide Unique, Stainless Steel with STI Sabertooth Cocking Serrations
Trigger STI Long Curved Trigger
Barrel 5.01″ (12.72cm) Schuemann ‘Island’ Style Barrel, Ramped, Fully Supported
Safeties STI High-Ride Grip Safety
Ambidextrous Thumb Safeties (Stainless)
Guide Rod STI Recoil Master
Sights Dawson Fiber Optic Front (.100)
STI Adjustable Rear
Overall Length 8.69” (22.07cm)
Weight 40 S&W=38.7 oz (1097.58g)
Finish Stainless Slide with Sides Polished, Frame Blued
  • IPSC